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Article: 1190
From: Taylor, Grant
Date: 2006-10-17 11:32:45 -0400
Subject: (Possible) Cache issues with Milter-Sender 1.12.907...

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Hello.  Just as things normally happen, all the tests that I run indicate 
that things are doing just fine.  Until a user gets on the system and thinks 
to test things in ways that I would have never considered.

As such, I have a user complaining that they are not able to receive email 
from a specific user.  The bounces and logs indicate that the sender is 
being denied for my grey list time (1 second), which is normal.  The problem 
is that I show this same log message for the same sending email address / ip 
/ recipient email address over multiple days, which should be upgraded from 
grey listed status in the cache upon subsequent sending attempts.  Thus I 
stared investigating my caching support.

Upon further investigation, it does not look like the cache file is being 
written to the file system.  This perplexes me.  So, I turned up login in 
the milter-sender.cf file and see corresponding entries in my maillog.

Oct 17 10:25:24 rti02 milter-sender[5298]: 00084 k9HFPJcv005295: cache put 
key={******sanitized******} value={4534f5e4, -3, 1} rc=0
Oct 17 10:25:25 rti02 milter-sender[5298]: 00084 k9HFPJcw005295: cache get 
key={******sanitized******} value={4534f5e4, -3, 1} rc=0

I also have some corresponding log entries where old cache entries are being 
removed.  I do have one message where the cache is being synchronized, 
though with what I'm not sure.

Any suggestions or pointer in the right direction would be greatly 
appreciated.  I will be willing to bet that I don't have something set quite 
right, though I'm not sure what / where.

Grant. . . .

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