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Article: 1187
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-10-16 04:38:16 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-report question: local users only?

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Mathias Koerber wrote:
> I am looking at milter-users, but there seems to be no configuration
> to decide which list of users will get a report?

milter-users? I have no such milter. I assume you mean milter-report.

> Will outgoing mails that get blocked for some reason (size, other
> errors etc) result in the external recipient getting a report too?
> I would very much like to avoid that.

There currently no "black/white" listing support, even though the 
access-db option is defined (reserved), since I have not decided how I 
might use the access-db.

> The documentation could be extended to describe exactly how the
> milter works (it seems to use the cache database to collect
> the information and then trigger a report if the configured times
> have been reached? It doesn't seem to use cron for the report, so
> it will only send the reports the first time it happens to be
> triggered after those times?

Depending on milter ordering, the milter will record the sender & time 
(value) and/or recipients (keys). If no recipient is recorded before the 
  rejection then postmaster is use. Rejections by IP result in nothing 
being recorded since there is insufficient information.

The ideal milter ordering is to place mitler-report after all 
content-only (post-DATA) filters and ahead of any envelope (pre-DATA) 
filters in order to be well position to gather the most information 
before any possible rejections. For example:

	milter-length, milter-clamc, milter-spamc
	milter-limit, milter-gris, milter-sender

The milter cannot determine direction, ie. inbound vs outbound messages. 
This is a nontrivial problem. If I decide to use access-db to b/w 
listing support, then best you could do would be exclude local 
connections by IP or messages from hosted domains (but this has not been 
implemented yet).

The milter keeps its own timer thread. When the time thread triggers, it 
sends mail to each recipient key address and/or postmaster, then deletes 
the record. If there is an error in sending or deleting the recorded, 
then entries will accumulate in the recorded until a success send & 
delete is achieved. With the most recent release, it should support 
unlimited length reports.

> Maybe this milter could use some access.db entries too to control
> who gets a report (and at what detail level?)

I held off using access-db, since I had no clear picture as to how I 
might use it, ie. just simple white list (what would black listing do?) 
or maybe some configuration options should be set in the right-hand-side 

Anyway, I'll see what I can do for the next release now that I have at 
least a bit of input w.r.t. this.

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