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Article: 1165
From: Quentin Campbell
Date: 2006-10-03 07:31:13 -0400
Subject: Can you "whitelist" a pseudo-TLD in milter-link?

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This site uses ".fax" as a psuedo Top Level Domain (TLD). 

Our mail gateways recognise messages for addresses within this domain
and relays them to a host that acts as a mail-to-fax gateway.

I have in the /etc/mail/milter-link.cf file:

# Reject top-level-domains not listed by IANA.

I find this a useful anti-spam option to have enabled but it conflicts
with our requirement to continue to use the ".fax" domain. It would be a
pity to have to disable the "reject-unknown-tld" option.

Is there a way that I can 'whitelist' the domain so that the
"+reject-unknown-tld" code ignores ".fax" or treats it as a recognised

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