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Article: 1157
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-09-30 02:58:03 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-gris doco

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Mathias Koerber wrote:
>> milter-gris-Auth:auth_authen	 RHS-value 
>> milter-gris-Auth:              RHS-value

> That seems to be the description from the milter-bcc:Auth which was
> pasted but not adjusted to reflect the correct RHS syntax?

This has already been corrected and will appear with the next update.

> 2. Further down there is this recommendation:
>> When using the -f option, you should place the local host and your
>> local network in the access database. For example:
>>     Connect:		OK
>>     Connect:192.168.1		OK
> There is no documentation for a -f option !

-f was the old option for what is now ``access-db''. This has been 
corrected and will appear in the next update.

> 3. Some examples for entries in the access.db would be appreciated,
> other than those with message limiting.

This is a documentation error again and corrected.

> Especially how milter-gris handles entries with 'OK' 'RELAY'
> as in 2. above (ie w/o specific milter-gris-XXX prefix in the key).

> 4. Does the timeframe for message limits in the RHS of access.db
> control how long an entry stays whitelisted?
> Can I say	milter-gris:1.2.3		-1/5d
> and		milter-gris:good@sender.com	-1/2d

These do NOT apply to milter-gris. It was a copy/paste error from 

> to whitelist these for 5 and 2 days respectively?
> Which would be used if a mail came from good@sender.com via IP
> 5. How does one simply whitelist a recipient address?
>     milter-gris:email@address.com	-1/1 ?

milter-gris-to:user@example.com		OK

> 6.  How can one whitelist a specific ip,mail,rpct tupel?

You cannot.

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