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Article: 1117
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-08-25 11:13:55 -0400
Subject: Re: Milter Creation Question

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Tyler G. Spires wrote:
> We are now looking to restrict the messages accepted by Sendmail through 
> a milter based on the results of another query to another server.
> IE the SMTP gateways will “call ahead” (passing the MAIL FROM: & RCPT 
> TO: values) to our mailing list server to see if the recipient is a mail 
> group (list) and check to see if the sender is allowed to post to the group.
> I was wondering if you could offer some advice on how I could easily 
> build this milter.  I’ve looked at the source code for milter-ahead and 
> I’m sure I could come up with something, however, any advice you could 
> offer would probably aid me in my task.
> We already have the daemon running that will return the status codes as 
> to if the user is allowed to post or not, I just need to integrate the 
> call in to a milter for sendmail.

Simple solution. No milter required. Convert your daemon to be a 
socket-map server. Add a Local_checkrcpt ruleset to sendmail.mc that 
will consult the socket-map passing the table name and key that is the 
combined "sender@example.com;list@our.box.com". This should be fairly 
easy to write the ruleset.

The comments in the socket-map patch should be sufficient explanation as 
to the protocol the socket-map server needs to implement:


I recently added socket-map support libsnert (yet to be released) to 
provide alternative means of consult access.db or for the call-ahead-db 
option, so its not that complicated.

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