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Article: 1108
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-08-22 13:02:54 -0400
Subject: Re: I want "milter-spamc-Connect:" to override "reject-unknown-tld"

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Rich Graves wrote:
> The email is delivered fine. +reject-unknown-tld is just a warning when 
> the sender is whitelisted.
> *However*, the RFC 2821 check is a hard error even if the sender is 
> whitelisted:

That's because its part of the address parser that adheres to the RFC 
2821 grammar where the <angle brackets> are required. The address has to 
be parsed first into its component parts before any B/W list lookups occur.

> MAIL FROM: rcgraves@brandeis.edu

This is wrong. It should be:

	MAIL FROM:<rcgraves@brandeis.edu>

The software sending this is BROKEN and its author should be contacted 
to correct it for RFC conformance. However, as you found you can disable 
this until they fix their code by:


> 553 5.1.0 rcgraves@brandeis.edu... address does not conform to RFC 2821 
> syntax

> Btw, it's annoying that spamd-socket=unix:/var/run/milter/spamd.sock 
> fails, but the unix: prefix is legal (or even required?) for the 
> milter-socket parameter.

The milter-socket option passes directly to libmilter for processing. 
Its format was not invented by me. I choose not to duplicate it for 
spamd-socket since I can easily distinguish between the three types of 
address format (file path, IPv4, IPv6).

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