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Article: 1107
From: Rich Graves
Date: 2006-08-22 11:02:57 -0400
Subject: I want "milter-spamc-Connect:" to override "reject-unknown-tld" and

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Our MX and MSA are on the same box, though on different IPs/ports 
(multiple DAEMON_OPTIONS() lines in sendmail.mc). I want locally 
originated mail to be exempt from (almost) all milter checks. I suppose 
I could have multiple sendmail.cf's, but I'd like to avoid the 
additional complexity.

In /etc/mail/access I have

milter-spamc-Connect:  OK
milter-spamc-Connect:129.64     OK
milter-spamc-Connect:10.64      OK
milter-spamc-Auth:      OK

When local (129.64) clients send email to fully wualified email 
addresses with RFC 2821 syntax, it's accepted without scanning. When 
they send to bare usernames, their mail gets scanned. I'd like it not to be.

Aug 22 10:26:51 blanca milter-spamc[26522]: 33953 k7MEQap6023279: 
recipient <rcgraves> has unknown TLD
Aug 22 10:27:01 blanca sendmail[23279]: k7MEQap6023279: 
from=<rcgraves@brandeis.edu>, size=26, class=0, nrcpts=1, 
proto=ESMTP, daemon=MTA, relay=clara.unet.brandeis.edu []
Aug 22 10:27:01 blanca spamd[12053]: spamd: result: . -1 - 

Aug 22 10:27:01 blanca milter-spamc[26522]: 33953 k7MEQap6023279: 
spam=NO score=-1.00 required=5.00 client_addr= 
client_name=clara.unet.brandeis.edu subject='Not a FQDN' 
mail=<rcgraves@brandeis.edu> rcpts=<rcgraves>

The email is delivered fine. +reject-unknown-tld is just a warning when 
the sender is whitelisted.

*However*, the RFC 2821 check is a hard error even if the sender is 

MAIL FROM: rcgraves@brandeis.edu
553 5.1.0 rcgraves@brandeis.edu... address does not conform to RFC 2821 

I've fixed this by setting -reject-unknown-tld, -rfc2821-syntax. I'd had:


Btw, it's annoying that spamd-socket=unix:/var/run/milter/spamd.sock 
fails, but the unix: prefix is legal (or even required?) for the 
milter-socket parameter.
Rich Graves <rgraves@brandeis.edu>

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