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Article: 1105
From: Taylor, Grant
Date: 2006-08-21 16:39:23 -0400
Subject: Is it possible to route mail with milters...

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While talking with someone on line a question came up.  Is it possible to change route
messages via a milter?  I personally do not know if it is.  As I understand it, milters
are primarily meant to filter messages and reject or allow them to pass through.  I did
not know if you could modify the envelope recipient of a message or not.  So, I thought
that I would access the people that know more about milters than I.

My idea was to either see if LDAP routing (based on a map?) could redirect based on
message contents or not.  My other idea would be to quarantine the message with a given
code / flag / reason / message to be subsequently used by a queue level parser to redirect
the message.

Thoughts / opinions / concerns / ideas?

Grant. . . .

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