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Article: 1099
From: Sergey N. Romanov
Date: 2006-08-15 01:04:40 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-cli

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Anthony Howe wrote:

> The output below does not appear to be verbose=all, its missing far too
> much information. 

This is "debug" output. I have deleted access.db lookups :-) because no
any useful info. Also I have written that access.db is empty.

> milter-cli is hard coded to white list The only way to change
> this is to modify milter-cli.c and recompile. Change the line in
> filterOpen():

Thanks for info.

> But I suspect that will have undesired unforeseen untested consequences
> with respect to sendmail concerning DSN/MDN processing, relaying,
> mailing lists, etc.

This is absolutely not a problem for us.

But now I can see another problem. When I discard message I can see only
something like this :
06:12:50 [16] sm-mta[42962]: k7F4Cok0042962: discarded
But I can't see my script output. This is necessary to log reason why we
discarded message. In the previous versions it worked. Also I can find
this in doc : "3  	Discard the message, log standard output".


Best regards,
Sergey N. Romanov

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