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Article: 999
From: Marc Dirix
Date: 2006-07-08 08:59:13 -0400
Subject: Re: Looking ahead for "over quota" mailboxes

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> So what I did was write a small script that runs a quota check and  
> adds those names to the access.db for rejection.  I run this every  
> few hours as a cron job so that if a user does clean out their  
> inbox it will get updated in a timely fashion.

Every few hours?? How about every 5 minutes or less?

I use dbmail to store my email, it has a build-in quota check which  
rejects the mail during sendmails
connection to the dbmail-lmtp server.

The sender gets a nice reject messages back with over quota.

It is also possible to write a small milter with sql access to check  
the users quota so the email can be rejected earlier (during milter- 
sender check et all).

Therefor, a milter-sql would be a nice addition, with possibly custom  
sql queries like sasl has for
authentication (which actually works with dbmail).


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