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Article: 994
From: Jim Galley
Date: 2006-07-07 09:34:09 -0400
Subject: limit milter-gris entries in milter-report?

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I'm happily using milter-null, milter-gris, milter-link & milter-report
in addition to several RBL & access entries - works like a charm!

I have noticed that it is somewhat difficult to distinguish what
milter-report entries actually get blocked, since milter-gris entries
(reject=450 4.7.1 try again later) can appear even though the message
actually gets through. This causes some misinterpretation from end users
even though they received the message after the 10 minute delay ("how
come Joe Users email was blocked twice?")

Ultimately, it would be nice to see a report that incorporates RBL,
access.db and all snertsoft milter actions in a single view (I know,
quite difficult, but would be nice!)

Example Format:

Total blocked:          XXX

Entry 1:                 XX
Entry 2:                 XX
Entry 3:                 XX

sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org:    XX
cbl.abuseat.org:         XX
dnsbl.njabl.org:         XX
relays.ordb.org:         XX
bl.spamcop.net          XXX

milter-gris              XX (count if message never returns)
milter-null             XXX
milter-link              XX
milter-spamc             XX


Entry 1:
Wed Jul  5 07:45:42 2006 co1.deeph*arth.com []
Wed Jul  5 07:46:51 2006 co2.deeph*arth.com []
Wed Jul  5 10:39:47 2006 co3.deeph*arth.com []
Wed Jul  5 10:42:58 2006 co2.deeph*arth.com []
Wed Jul  5 14:37:41 2006 co1.deeph*arth.com []

Sun Jul  2 02:24:20 2006 k626OGl1028675 <tycyse@netzero.com>
( [])
Sun Jul  2 02:24:24 2006 k626OME9029221 <zovaju@netzero.com>
( [])

Fri Jul  7 07:56:21 2006 k67BuJAm031203 <test@test.org>
(201-10-12-39.paemt704.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br [])
and so on.

also - having a single serverwide list would be helpful for
administration (so we could answer questions from end users who get
these reports)

Thanks again for a wonderful milter solution!


Jim Galley

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