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Article: 1078
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-07-26 10:13:47 -0400
Subject: Re: Trouble with Postfix 2.3 and milter-clamc

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Peter Bates wrote:
> Well, no sooner is there milter support in Postfix
> and subsequent releases of the milters here, does someone try and use
> them...
> I'm getting the following error in testing:
> Jul 26 14:26:57 bresslaw postfix/smtpd[4259]: connect from
> icecube[]
> Jul 26 14:26:57 bresslaw milter-clamc[3693]: 00002 NOQUEUE:
> filterOpen(91f1598, 'icecube', [])
> Jul 26 14:26:57 bresslaw milter-clamc[3693]: 00002 NOQUEUE: host
> icecube [] from unknown TLD

The rDNS of the IP fails to yield a FQDN. The milter does some basic 
checks for valid connecting client hostname and domains in email address.

To skip the TLD test and probably the reserved domain test too use these 



Also important to note for Postfix access.db support. Something that's 
only mentioned in the change logs and -help summary, you will need:


in order to read an access.db built with postmap(1). If you don't 
require B/W listing support, just set


to disable.

> I can solve this problem adding '-reject-unknown-tld' to
> milter-clamc.cf,
> but I'm a bit curious as to the cause, or whether it's just terrible
> misconfiguration
> on the part of the client I am sending from not properly using a FQDN
> as its HELO/EHLO.

The client name given by Postfix to the milter must be a FQDN. Now it 
might be the case that your /etc/hosts does not define a FQDN first for 
the IP address and Postfix is picking that one up before trying a PTR 

> I'm also seeing a few of these:
> Jul 26 13:49:50 bresslaw milter-clamc[3693]: i6QCko0369329d1
> rcpt=notify@milter.info failed to connect
> which I don't understand at all!

See the License and the section License Control.

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