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Article: 1068
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-07-21 14:42:11 -0400
Subject: Re: Q: separate milter-link policy for +test-links?

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(Resent. I should have realised that everyone using milter-link would 
NOT get this message unless I munged the black listed URLs.)

Ken A wrote:
> Anthony Howe wrote:
> Does +test-links follow querystring too, or does it chop off any 
> ?address_good&id=user@domain type stuff? (Don't want to build address 
> databases!)

It does test the query and path-info strings looking for redirectors.

For example from com/snert/src/lib/util/uri.txt is used to test the uri
  CLI tool. The -d is for DNS/URI BL testing and -q for query string
testing. In milter-link -d is dns-bl/uri-bl and -q is implied:

The following redirectors and their query or path info strings are
handled. A ``Y'' is a good / OK result while ``N'' is negative
blacklisted result.

-p -l -d -q	text

  Y  Y  Y  Y

  Y  Y  Y  N


  Y  Y  Y  N


  Y  ?  Y  N


> What if domains used by spammers are at a registries that do the 
> 'Sitefinder' thing? Will all links resolve?

Sitefinder thang?

> I would be testing it if it had a separate policy and I could really 
> _see_ what it was doing.

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