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Article: 1057
From: Sebastian Hagedorn
Date: 2006-07-20 03:31:33 -0400
Subject: Changes to startup script for high-load servers

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I wanted to share our local modifications to the startup script for=20
milter-ahead. We have four servers in a load-balanced clusters. Each of the =

nodes gets up to 300 or more simultaneous milter connections. With the=20
original startup script that did not work, because thread_create() would=20
start to fail. I found that decreasing the stack size helps with that. So=20
now we set

ulimit -s 2048

prior to starting milter-ahead. We have also found that niceing the process =

improves system performance, because that way the milter threads don't=20
block system jobs, e.g. network traffic. So now we start the process like=20

nice -n 15 $PROGRAM $OPTIONS

This is under RHEL 3.

Cheers, Sebastian Hagedorn
     .:.Sebastian Hagedorn - RZKR-R1 (Geb=E4ude 52), Zimmer 18.:.
Zentrum f=FCr angewandte Informatik - Universit=E4tsweiter Service RRZK
.:.Universit=E4t zu K=F6ln / Cologne University - Tel. +49-221-478-5587.:.
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