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Article: 1047
From: Taylor, Grant
Date: 2006-07-18 14:06:33 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-clamc help (was Re: Re: milter suggestion/request)

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Michael Grinnell wrote:
> eicar.com and eicar.zip sent via thunderbird as attachments.  Does 
> milter-clamc only add headers if clamd sees something?  I was under the 
> assumption that it would add X headers like milter-sender does.

No, Milter-ClamC can always add headers.  Below are the ClamC headers that are added to
every message that pass through my server.

X-Scanned-By: milter-clamc/0.1.5 (rti02.co-lo.riverviewtech.net []); Tue, 18
Jul 2006 12:13:27 -0500
X-milter-clamc-Pass: YES

Below is the command line that I'm using to launch Milter-Clamc.

milter-clamc -f /etc/mail/sendmail.cf -H -s '' -p reject

It may be worth noting, that I'm running an old version of milter-clamc.

Grant. . . .

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