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Article: 1045
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-07-18 12:16:34 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-gris and Popauth.db

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Jim Galley wrote:
> Per your warning, i did not mess with the R$* code, but i did notice
> that there isn't a storage or {popauth_info} variable.  Perhaps

It would be easy to change this ruleset to set {popauth_info} in order 
to pass to the Snert milters.

> # List of IP addresses we allow relaying from.
> Klocalip hash -a<MATCH> /etc/mail/access
> Kpopip hash  -a<MATCH> /etc/mail/popip


Kassign macro

> R< $* >         $(popip $1 $)                Check full address.

Insert, replace TAB with one or more real tab characters.

R$+ <MATCH> TAB	$: $(assign {popauth_info} $@ $1 @ $&{client_addr} $)

> R$* < MATCH >        $#OK

This is of course untested, but it should work. I'm guessing the 
popip.db use an IP address as the key and saves the username as the 
value. So on a successful lookup, you should have in the pattern buffer:


This matches the inserted rule, which simply saves the username and IP 
in the {popauth_info} macro before ending the ruleset in the following 
line. The format of the {popauth_info} macro set here is:


Now if the {popauth_info} is set (not NULL), the Snert milters should 
act on it, assuming that {popauth_info} is in the list of macros to be 
passed (see previous article on this) from sendmail to the milters.

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