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Article: 1040
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-07-16 02:30:51 -0400
Subject: Re: milter suggestion/request

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Grant Taylor wrote:
>> With milters like milter-clamc, et. al. that support tagging, do you 
>> have any plans to expand the tagging functionality?  I would like to 
>> be able to tag mail by adding headers rather than rewriting the 
>> subject line.  That way we can have advanced users filter by header 
>> and it doesn't scare novice users...
> Michael, presently I have milter-spamc (I presume that milter-clamc will 
> do the same) adding headers as well as altering the subject.  If you 
> want to turn off the subject rewrite, use "-s ''".

Using the method Grant states is probably the best and most clear.

Some of the newer milters when policy=none, will still add headers to 
the message. However, this behaviour is undocumented and 
counter-intuitive to what "none" is. At some future date I might add 
policy=header as a more clear indication, but for now I would suggest:

	policy=tag  subject-tag=''

as equivalent to the missing policy=header choice. This is the same as 
Grant's suggestion, but using the new option format that replaced the 
older dash-letter format recently.

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