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Article: 1034
From: Jim Galley
Date: 2006-07-14 17:06:13 -0400
Subject: milter-gris and Popauth.db

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I have a (virtuozzo) VPS installation w/ sendmail - by default, it uses

define(`POP_B4_SMTP_TAG', `')dnl

as its preferred pop before SMTP solution. Doing some search, I believe
it is popbsmtp.sourceforge.net, but I am uncertian (the pop-before-smtp
commands / associated files are nowhere to be found).

In any case, It seems that milter-gris isn't looking at the popauth.db
file - since emails from clients are getting a "try again later" message
whenever attempting to send.  Milter-gris 0.18.102 & libsnert 1.61.829
(with --enable-pop-auth) have been installed.

Has anyone else have this POP_B4_SMTP_TAG in use, or have been
successful in getting a pop before smtp solution working with milter-gris?



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