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Article: 1013
From: Grant Taylor
Date: 2006-07-10 02:25:33 -0400
Subject: Possible bug in Milter-Sender...

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Seeing as how I'm still running an old (free) version of Milter-Sender I'm not asking for
any support on this matter, just reporting a bug.

This weekend I had a domain sending me an email that was causing Milter-Sender (v0.62) to
Seg Fault.  When I turned up logging, I believe I found the problem to be DNS related. 
Namely the sending site was helloing with a name that resolved to a CNAME that was CNAMEed
back to it's self, a recursive CNAME loop.  When I had the logging turned all the way up I
could see Milter-Sender retrying the same DNS query OVER and OVER.  I believe that
Milter-Sender was looping so far out (unchecked) that it was eventually seg faulting on
the system.  I was able to work around this on my system by putting a
"Connect:a.b.c.d	ERROR" entry in my AccessDB file.  So, just a heads up.  I'm
not sure if the problem has been resolved, rewritten around, or simply does not exist in
newer version.

Grant. . . .

P.S.  Anthony, if you would like the domain for testing purposes I'll be happy to send it
to you off list.

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