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Article: 1011
From: Richard McLean
Date: 2006-07-09 21:01:20 -0400
Subject: Re: Merits of milters

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At 6:46 PM +0100 9/7/06, G1OGY \(Dave\) wrote:
>Obviously, sendmail is not capable of scrutinising mail bodies too closely
>thus the new plan is, in order:
>sendmail native dnsRBL queries -> SBL/XBL/DSBL/SPAMCop/NJABL -> REJECT
>milter-link querying SURBLs only -> REJECT
>milter-spamc calling SA313 for the remainder

This is pretty close to what we are doing now too, with great effect.
The last step is a little different as we don't use milter-spamc, and
are running clamav-milter (MailScanner and spamc via procmail in
the picture too), plus milter-regex, greylisting, and various other bits
and bobs on some servers.

We're also seeing roughly the same effectiveness before getting to
actually processing the mail, with the DNSBLs killing about 60%.
It's early days, but milter-link seems to be getting (at a guess)
another 20-30%, which doesn't leave much left by the time it gets
to the heavy lifting.

milter-link and milter-null are definitely two big pieces that were
missing in the puzzle, and are very, very, very much appreciated! :-)



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