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Article: 1010
From: Grant Taylor
Date: 2006-07-09 18:35:48 -0400
Subject: Re: Merits of milters

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G1OGY (Dave) wrote:
> milter-null was added to the mix recently to reject bounces generated by my fortune
to have had my domain  selected as the
> Return-Address for one or two (hundred!) spam campaigns (they are legion! including
<isagifgp@g1ogy.com> and his brother
> <bserixnm@g1ogy.com>!!)  My concern was that all the double-double bounces
might get ~me~ noticed.

By default Sendmail will never bounce a bounce, a.k.a. a double bounce.  Rather Sendmail
will file it in the dead mail file.  I also believe that if Sendmail can not file dead
mail it will leave the message in the mail queue as a Q<queue id> file.  You can
configure Sendmail to forward double bounces on to a specific address if you want to.  In
fact I have done such to make sure that dead mail does not hang around in my mail queues. 
I just have the dead mail routed to /dev/null.

> Back at this keyboard after a week or two it is evident that milter-null has been
most effective.  What I noted though, from the
> maillogs, is that milter ordering is important!

Milter ordering is indeed VERY important.

> But then, watching the maillogs on Saturday night (more interesting than the TV!), I
realised that while I would not have to deal
> with all that rubbish in my day-to-day MUA, I ~would~ have to deal with it
> Hmmmm!

What is "it" that you will have to eventually deal with?  Where will you have to
deal with it?

> Obviously, sendmail is not capable of scrutinising mail bodies too closely thus the
new plan is, in order:

What are you wanting / hoping that Sendmail will / would do / scrutinize?  Sendmail by
default wants to move mail.  As such, Sendmail will tend to move any mail that it can. 
Sendmail tends to be more like an ISP, a bit mover, or in this case a mail mover. 
Sendmail does not care what the mail is, or where it came from.

> Comments invited (bouquets or brickbats equally acceptable !)

MS Exchange stinks!

Grant. . . .

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