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Article: 1005
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-07-09 11:47:49 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-link thinks all email is Auth'd OK?

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JPP wrote:
> On Sun, 09 Jul 2006 14:24:30 +0200, Anthony Howe wrote

> Ok - question is why since there is no entry denying or accepting this IP/
> Host or address in the access.db?

Are you

a) Relaying mail from some other server process on the same machine via The loopback address is hard coded white listed.

b) On some sort of virtual machine setup? This came up before with Jim 
Galley, where sendmail macros and other bits of info don't get set 
correctly when the sendmail process is in a VM. Sendmail needs to see 
the connecting client IP for some of its actions and to pass onto the 
milters. Talk to your hosting provider.

> Milter entries for one email that got delivered (from the milter list):
> Did this email get scanned or was it whitelisted as it states at the bottom?
> Jul  9 08:45:52 smtp-gw sendmail[1363]: k69EjqQs001363: Milter (milter-link): 
> init success to negotiate
> Jul  9 08:45:52 smtp-gw milter-link[1364]: 00119 NOQUEUE: filterOpen(806d8a0, 
> 'pop.snert.net', [])

Between the above line and the next you should have seen a pile of 
'checking "/etc/mail/access.db" for' lines based on IP and client name.

If you didn't see , then the sendmail process sees the inbound client 
connection as from the loopback interface ( or ::1). This 
would be indicative of a VM setup that needs correction.

> Jul  9 08:45:52 smtp-gw milter-link[1364]: 00119 NOQUEUE: host pop.snert.net 
> [] OK

Its white listed ^^HERE^^

Alternatively your .mc file might have broken confMILTER_MACRO_* defines 
that removed some of the default macros assumed to be present. This 
article touches on the subject:


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