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Article: 987
From: Bryan Guest
Date: 2006-06-28 16:44:03 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-limit: failed to open /etc/mail/access.db

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I am trying to setup a some MTA's for a mail gateway.  I am using RHEL ES4 
with MailScanner/ClamAv/MailWatch using sendmail-8.13.1-3.RHEL4.5.  And I am 
hoping to employ Milter-Limit.

On one machine things work fine, milter-limit included.  On the other I get 
an error each time the machine receives a message like this:

Jun 28 16:43:44 paris milter-limit[2429]: failed to open 
"/etc/mail/access.db": Permission denied
Jun 28 16:43:54 paris last message repeated 17 times

Here are the file permissions on the non-working mta:

[root@paris mail]# ls -al /etc/mail/access.db
-rw-r-----  1 root root 176128 Jun 20 12:33 /etc/mail/access.db

And the working mta:
[root@nicole log]#        ls -al /etc/mail/access.db
-rw-r-----  1 root root 176128 Jun 20 12:49 /etc/mail/access.db

Milter-limit is running as user milter on both machines:
Not-working MTA
[root@paris mail]# ps -ef|grep milter
milter    2429     1  0 Jun06 ?        00:00:02 /usr/local/sbin/milter-limit

Working MTA
[root@nicole log]# ps -ef|grep milter
milter    3406     1  0 Jun06 ?        00:00:01 /usr/local/sbin/milter-limit

These are the users and groups assigned to milter:
Non-working MTA
[root@paris mail]#   grep milter /etc/passwd
[root@paris mail]# grep milter /etc/group

Working MTA
[root@nicole log]# grep milter /etc/passwd
[root@nicole log]# grep milter /etc/group

For testing I only have a small milter-limit config in /etc/mail/access:

Non-Working MTA:
milter-limit-Connect:default            250/1d

milter-limit-Connect:default            250/1d

Sendmail.mc relevant for milter:

Non-working MTA:
define(`_FFR_MILTER', `1')dnl

Working MTA:
define(`_FFR_MILTER', `1')dnl
        `S=unix:/var/run/milter-limit.socket, T=C:10s;S:10s;R:10s;E:10s'

I would sincerely appreciate, and be eternally indebited to anyone who can 
help me track down where my permission problem is coming from, or point me 
in the right direction to look.

Many, Many Thanks in advance,
Bryan Guest

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