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Article: 985
From: Quentin Campbell
Date: 2006-06-28 02:28:34 -0400
Subject: Looking ahead for "over quota" mailboxes

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I note that there have been enquiries before to the list for a milter
that could reject delivery to an over quota mailbox. However I can find
no response to those enquiries.

We have found 'milter-ahead' a great help in reducing this site's
exposure to the consequences of collateral spam generated from failed
deliveries to an "Unknown user". However "delivery timeout" failure
messages caused by non-delivery due to "over quota" mailboxes still put
us in jeopardy of blacklisting by SpamCop and others.

It would be nice if milter-ahead could be configured to check for other
events that would prevent delivery to a mailbox. I may be
underestimating the technical difficulties in being able to check,
before actual delivery, for things that could prevent delivery. If so, a
brief explanation as to what these difficulties are would be useful.

As an alternative to looking ahead for over quota situations I am
considering deploying milter-cli to reject a message from an internal
host that was generated because of a delivery timeout failure due to the
mailbox being "over quota". However this measure merely prevents these
failure messages being forwarded to spam traps. It does nothing to help
warn the sender of the original message that her delivery was ultimately
failed because the recipient mailbox was full.      

Any comments on these issues would be welcome.


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