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Article: 978
From: Steve Campbell
Date: 2006-06-12 14:28:43 -0400
Subject: Outbound milter-limit queue files

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I thought I had better change the Subject as my milter-limit.cf question had 
really gotten off track.

I am running milter-limit on the sending server. In other words, the 
outbound side of the SMTP connection. How will the response, a temp-fail, 
affect the sending of the messages that are throttled? This will be a list 
server, and I want to throttle the outbound messages. So, will the list 
server see these as non-delivered mail, or will the mail be queued in the 
incoming or outgoing queues for later delivery? It is a Mailman list server, 
and I don't want people to start getting blocked due to some sort of 
bounce/not-delivered threshold.

I have tried testing this myself for an answer, but have not seen maillog 
entries for the failures or been able to find the queue files.

I thank Mr. Howe for his help so far, but I believe his answers are for 
incoming limits; of course, I could be wrong.


Steve Campbell
Charleston Newspapers

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