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Article: 977
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-06-11 16:40:42 -0400
Subject: Re: Milter-SpamC request...

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Grant Taylor wrote:
> Would it be possible to grow Milter-SpamC to be able to read additional 
> lines from the AccessDB to be able to get user score?  I.e. add a line 
> to the AccessDB like:
> Milter-SpamC-Score:gtaylor@riverviewtech.net|8    REJECT
> This way Milter-SpamC could find per user preferences?  This would also 
> allow people to set up a different score for each domain.  I.e.
> Milter-SpamC-Score:@domain1.tld:5    REJECT
> Milter-SpamC-Score:@domain2.tld:15    REJECT
> Milter-SpamC-Score:@domain3.tld:3    REJECT

Nope. key/value tables don't work that way. For the same reason the 
left-hand-side used for the lookup cannot be a regular expression this 
will not work. The :num suffix is essentially an unknown quantity and 
its inefficient to breakdown the domain and for each breakdown, loop of 
20 or 30 :num values.

> Just a thought.
> If not I'll go back to the Milter-CLI route.  I just need to come up 
> with something that will work for everyone on my system and not just me.

milter-spamc -u supplies the RCPT local-part as the user name to 
SpamAssassin so that it can read the user's personal profile for 
filtering. I don't see the purpose in duplicating the information again 
in some ad-hoc access.db lookup.

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