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Article: 974
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-06-08 15:47:32 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-limit.cf file

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Steve Campbell wrote:
> Can you tell me where the "rejected" emails that are pending delivery 
> are stored. I retested, setting a limit so that I would trigger a 

Messages are rejected with a 450 4.7.1 code, so they will be stored on 
the sending server's mail queue, not yours.

> pending rejection, but do not see where these are. They are not in my 
> mqueue directory, and as I described, thousands of these may go pending 
> from a mailing list we use.
> Thanks very much for the response (and not yelling at me for my stupidity).

I don't like to yell. I prefer to nudge then bump before I slap (wink 
wink say no more...).


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