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Article: 968
From: Taylor, Grant
Date: 2006-06-08 12:13:00 -0400
Subject: Re: Milter-SpamC request...

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Anthony Howe wrote:
> milter-spamc does not read SpamAssassin user configurations. It takes 
> the information given to it by SpamAssassin (required_hits, score, and 
> report if requested) and acts on it according to site policy. There is 
> no way to know whether the required_hits is the system or user setting 
> and any such option would be applied to all returned results. I think 
> this request is to far out there to be generally useful/used.

Well if milter-spamc is acting soly on information handed to it and not reading user prefs
then there is no way that it could reject.  Hmm, I'll have to consider some other options
(milter-cli / MIMEDefang)

I don't know if this is that far out there or not, but either way it is not practical for

> Why do you score lower, but want to reject higher? Why not just set your 
> SpamAssassin required hits higher in the first place.

I suppose that I could raise the required_hits and lower the excess value.  I'm wanting to
accept in some spam that is not really high scoring spam, and thus might be valid email /
false positives and just filter them in to a different folder.  If a message is tagged as
really high spam, i.e. exceeds excess value then I know that the message cane safely be
presumed to be spam and reject it during the SMTP transaction.

My personal email account has most valid email come in with a score less than 3.  However
other users on my system have valid email come in with a score of 7 or 8 (bad mailing
lists).  Thus for me an excess of 10 is more than quadruple my spam score where as it
would be a little over twice for most users.  This ratio is a bit inconsistent which is
why I was asking for a multiple.

> Yes. You could act on the X-Spam-Status or place the values in the 
> subject with the -S option and parse from that. A short awk script could 
> do it.

*nod*  I can presently use Procmail to find any messages that come in and are tagged as
spam with a high score.  Presently I'm filing said messages in to a folder.  I could route
the messages to /dev/null or generate a bounce.  However in an attempt to avoid back
scatter emails I'd like to reject the messages during the SMTP transaction.

What would happen if I was to try to run multiple different milter-clis on the same
system, each doing a different thing?  I know that MIMEDefang runs as one filter but I
could easily plug in different sub-filters in to it.

Grant. . . .

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