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Article: 966
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-06-08 01:20:24 -0400
Subject: Re: Milter-SpamC request...

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Grant Taylor wrote:
> Would it be possible to update milter-spamc so that it could reject (or 
> discard) messages that have a Spam-Assassin score that is a percentage 
> (200% - 300%) or a multiple (2x - 3x) of the individual recipient's 
> required hits value?  I am having great success with milter-spamc 

milter-spamc does not read SpamAssassin user configurations. It takes 
the information given to it by SpamAssassin (required_hits, score, and 
report if requested) and acts on it according to site policy. There is 
no way to know whether the required_hits is the system or user setting 
and any such option would be applied to all returned results. I think 
this request is to far out there to be generally useful/used.

> rejecting any mail that is 10 points higher than users required hits 
> value, but my personal required hits is set to 3, so it takes more than 
> 4 times my required hits threshold to reject the spam.

Why do you score lower, but want to reject higher? Why not just set your 
SpamAssassin required hits higher in the first place.

> Any way, just a thought.  If not I may consider writing a Perl script 
> that will generate a DSN for me, however it would be nice to reject 
> during the SMTP transaction to avoid back scatter.  I wonder if I could 
> interface such a program with milter-cli.

Yes. You could act on the X-Spam-Status or place the values in the 
subject with the -S option and parse from that. A short awk script could 
do it.

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