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Article: 958
From: Taylor, Grant
Date: 2006-06-05 16:54:35 -0400
Subject: Re: Question regarding the merits of milter flag to

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> I'm at a loss for adequate words of thanks for the vote of confidence so 
> many of you express about my work. But please remember the early days of 
> milter-sender or milter-spamc or any other milter I've written to date. 
> They are not always perfect from day one and sometimes when I make grand 
> sweeping revisions I still make mistakes, even after almost four years 
> of milter development and many many more years as a C programmer.

Ah, don't be at a loss of words, consider what we are saying as an encouragement for you
to continue doing what you are.  I wish that I had found your milters soon enough to
remember, but alas I was introduced to your milters as of about a year and a half ago.

> Mail is important to all of us and spam/viruses our bane. As postmasters 
> we walk a fine line choosing and implementing policy on behalf of our 
> users that we hope is the best for all. My milters offer a wide variety 
> of strategies and choices, but
>     no one milter is so important that mail should be
>     held up or refused in the event that a milter fails.

In my experience email is often a very important mode of communications for my clients. 
However we have found that our clients are more often unable to send email because their
systems are not operational, or they do not have an internet connection, or their building
may be with out power more often than the milters we run are down.  Thus we spend time
encouraging (read educating) our clients that email is not the end all be all
communications that people have come to associate it with.  We encourage our clients to be
aware that there are alternant modes of communication and that not all of them are always
functional.  We have found that this is usually meat with an "Oh, yah... I guess you
are right.".  A few of our customers have gotten upset at this fact and we have white
listed them in such cases, but most are appreciative of what we are trying to do for them.
 I guess we are in more of a position to provide a complete solution that is more than
just email.

> I do NOT recommend the use of F=T or F=R. Its far to easy to shoot 
> yourself in both feet. There are too many possible points of failure, 
> most of them human caused, to account for.

I will take what you and everyone else has said under advisement and discuss it with my
bosses before I implement Temp Fail.  I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone for such
well thought out and articulated responses that I have seen to be common place here.  :)

Grant. . . .

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