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Article: 936
From: Quentin Campbell
Date: 2006-05-24 07:32:43 -0400
Subject: Milter-ahead and MX lookups

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I am having problems with MX lookups with 'milter-ahead'. 

I run gateways that handle mail for the domain xxx.ac.uk. Mail for
some_user@xxx.ac.uk is delivered via these gateways to either of two
hosts, uhura.xxx.ac.uk and nyota.xxx.ac.uk. 

My /etc/mail/mailertable file on each gateway host has for domain
xxx.ac.uk the entry:

xxx.ac.uk	esmtp:xxx-local.xxx.ac.uk

and doing 'dig xxx-local.xxx.ac.uk MX' gives:

xxx-local.xxx.ac.uk.    46      IN      MX      10 uhura.xxx.ac.uk.
xxx-local.xxx.ac.uk.    46      IN      MX      10 nyota.xxx.ac.uk.

Sendmail correctly resolves the MX hosts for the domain
'xxx-local.xxx.ac.uk' and delivers mail for the xxx.ac.uk domain to
either 'uhura' or 'nyota'.

However 'milter-ahead is not correctly resolving the domain
'xxx-local.xxx.ac.uk' into its MX hosts. When running 'milter-ahead' I
see in the logs for a message to user 'bloggs@xxx.ac.uk domain:

... sendmail[385]: k4OAZuY0000385: Milter: rcpts: <bloggs@xxx.ac.uk>
... milter-ahead[32748]: 00002 k4OAZuY0000385:
rcpt_host='xxx-local.xxx.ac.uk' is not a defined route, skipping
... sendmail[385]: k4OAZuY0000385: milter=milter-ahead, action=rcpt,

The code in milter-ahead.c that gives rise to this log message requires
that I have _not_ enabled MX lookups (the '-m' option) _and_ that I do
_not_ have '[]' bracketing for the mailertable entry. While the latter
is the case I _do_ have the '-m' option set. Doing 'cat
/etc/mail/milter-ahead.cf' gives:

# cache TTL for +ve responses in seconds
-c 86400
# cache TTL for -ve responses in seconds
-C 86400
# path to sendmail.cf
-f /etc/mail/sendmail.cf
# Enable MX lookups of {rcpt_host}
# Set milter logging level - temporary
-v all
The entries in /etc/mail/access for the xxx.ac.uk domain are:

To:xxx.ac.uk                    RELAY
Connect:xxx.ac.uk               RELAY
milter-ahead-To:xxx.ac.uk       SKIP
milter-ahead-Connect:xxx.ac.uk  SKIP
What have I missed?

Quentin Campbell
PHONE: +44 191 222 8209    Information Systems and Services (ISS),
                           University of Newcastle,
                           Newcastle upon Tyne,
FAX:   +44 191 222 8765    United Kingdom, NE1 7RU.
Any opinion expressed above is mine and not that of Newcastle

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