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Article: 931
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-05-11 15:25:48 -0400
Subject: Re: Milter-link & SpamAssassin...

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Adam Gibson wrote:
> Anthony Howe wrote:
>> Adam Gibson wrote:
> My concern is that I would not want to deny an email for users when the 
> only reason is that someone fat fingered a key when they typed in an url 
> in the content of an email.  From my understanding milter-link would 
> catch that email because the destination url does not work.  With using 

Only if you use the -l option, which tests the link. Otherwise their fat 
fingers would need to spell a URL that appears in a blacklist. And since 
many spammers are typo squatters, that's probably a good thing to block.

> spamassassin to just help boost spam weight, it alone would not cause a 
> rejection.

>> True. But milter-link doesn't do anything really fancy yet. Version 
>> 0.2 that I'm working on now identifies a certain class of spam (pump & 
>> dump stock spam appearing as a .gif) through its MIME structure.
> I think you are not giving your app enough credit :).  Checking if an 
> url is valid(web page works) seems like a big feature to me.  I just 
> don't want that to be the only determining factor for rejecting it.

Ah. Yes. I guess I overlooked that feature :-p I thought I was the only 
one using it and that it would be unpopular and now one would bother 
turning on -l.

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