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Article: 922
From: Taylor, Grant
Date: 2006-05-11 10:44:12 -0400
Subject: Milter-link & SpamAssassin...

Removal...........: milters-request@milter.info?subject=remove
More information..: http://www.milter.info/#Support

If any one is interested I have written a rule for SpamAssassin (below) to look for
Milter-Link's tag to see if a message failed Milter-Links test(s) and adjust the SA Spam
score accordingly.

# URI is black listed.
header SNERT_MILTER_LINK X-milter-link-Pass =~ /NO/ 
describe SNERT_MILTER_LINK URI contained in the message was caught by SnertSoft
tflags SNERT_MILTER_LINK noautolearn

Grant. . . .

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