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Article: 919
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-05-08 02:48:08 -0400
Subject: Re: Milter-Report v0.8 Strange Behavior...

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Grant Taylor wrote:
>> So I've created this simple patch to try out that adds a stub
>> xxfi_eom handler. If my understanding is correct, then this should
>> cause sendmail/libmilter to invoke the xxfi_abort handler when some
>> other milter rejects the message ahead of milter-report's xxfi_eom
>> handler.
> Well it is a little later than I had intended to apply the patch and
> test but I have done so now.  I will have to wait about 32 hours to
> be able to report if the patch worked or not.  I run my reports at
> 03:00.

Well you could have changed your report schedule to something like every 
half hour or two hours or something a lot shorter, since the patch 
concerns logging of aborts after the the final dot and nothing to do 
with the actual schedule handling. Surely you get enough mail to be able 
to observe/monitor the results over a shorter period.

> I had noticed that if I started Sendmail or Milter-Report with in the
> last 24 hours (report cycle?) I would get the Undelivered Mail
> Reports like I would expect.  However out side of the initial 24
> hours / report cycle I would not get any reports except for my one
> account (postmaster) that would fill it's buffer and said report
> would not be on the report cycle either.

I don't follow what you're saying? Do you think there is a bug here or 
you just making a statement of fact?

Try -v info,debug; there are some extra maillog info. The scheduling 
sets the reports to go off at specific times, not after specific 
intervals. Its more cron like in behaviour.

> I also found that if I killed Sendmail and restarted it I would get a
> set of reports during the subsequent report cycle like I should.

Yes. So? Its the milter itself that has its own timer thread. Sendmail 
has no effect on the report schedule. Unless you restart the milter, 
there there should be no problem. Even if you restart the milter, its 
should recompute and set at what time the next report is due.


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