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Article: 916
From: Steffan Vigano
Date: 2006-05-05 16:27:30 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-sender force greylisting on verizon.net

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Anthony Howe wrote:
> # By pass milter-sender for the sender's address you WANT to grey list.
> milter-sender-from:verizon.net	OK
> # Make sure the sender's domain is grey-list processed.
> milter-gris-from:verizon.net	SKIP
> # By-pass milter-gris for all other senders.
> milter-gris-connect:		SKIP
> milter-gris-from:		OK

Thanks.... that got me in the right direction and things are looking good!

> milter-sender does not have the ability to selectively apply different 
> tests to different domains.

Guess that would have been a better way to phrase what I was asking.  
;)   Thanks for interpreting my needs.

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