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Article: 910
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-05-03 17:11:23 -0400
Subject: Re: Milter-Report v0.8 Strange Behavior...

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Taylor, Grant wrote:
> After upgrading Milter-Report to v0.8 I now successfully receive
> complete (read: non truncated) reports for recipients that fill the
> buffer.  However I am still having an issue with not receiving
> reports for recipients that I KNOW had mail rejected.  To test things
> and be sure I sent my self an email with the SpamAssassin GTUBE test
> string to trip milter-spamc which is configured to reject emails that
> are a specified amount over each users SA required spam score.  As
> expected the emails did not come in and I did find entries in the
> logs that indicated that milter-spamc rejected the test emails.
> However I did not receive a report for the user that I sent the

Note that what milter-report catches varies depending on it execution 
order. milter-report should probably be the last milter in the chain in 
order to catch rejections from xxfi_eom (end-of-message) handler. But if 
its last in the chain then it will not catch (accurately) certain 
rejections that occur from the xxfi_connect or xxfi_envfrom handlers, in 
which case you want to have milter-report first in the milter chain.

milter-report notes the client IP and the sender and IF there is an 
abort it will be recorded and reported later. The milter API does not 
have ANY form of logging handler, so if Sendmail rejects a message 
before invoking the milter, because of a ruleset, then that does NOT get 
recorded. milter-report catches aborts, but not the cause.

I would suggest trying in your situation placing milter-report last in 
the milter chain. I would expect it to record rejections based on 
content filtering then. However, certain pre-DATA filters and rulesets 
may not be recorded properly.

There is no ideal solution with this, due to the nature of the milter API.

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