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Article: 905
From: Steffan Vigano
Date: 2006-05-01 01:38:17 -0400
Subject: milter-sender force greylisting on verizon.net

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Hello there....  we are getting hammered by forged addresses from the 
verizon.net domain.   Unfortunately, we do have a fairly large number of 
legitimate users sending in from legit @verizon.net addresses.   
Currently, it seems that verizon does not deal well with the null sender 
probe from milter-sender so I had to put an accept entry into my 
access.db in order to get the handful of legit email to come through.   
Thereby opening the floodgates from the rest of the garbage.   Is there 
a way with milter-sender that I can disable the return address check, 
but force a greylist response for this domain?   I'd have to think that 
it would slow the flow a bit.

thanks again for a great product.

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