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Article: 902
From: Grant Taylor
Date: 2006-04-29 15:13:20 -0400
Subject: Re: Milter-Report strange (?) behavior...

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> Yes. I've been undecided since first writing it. The obvious choice is 
> as you assumed before, that those white listed don't get reports. But 
> I've been thinking maybe some sort of "formatting" behaviour similar to 
> milter-bcc, that would allow you to specify patterns as to where a 
> report for a particular user or group of users should go instead AND 
> still allow white-listing/ignore semantics (OK, SKIP, NEXT).

With regards to formatting of the reports, or related there to, I'm planing on having all
my reports pass through a script that will extract the message ID from the line and then
extract the reason for the rejection out of the maillog and generate a new report with the
two lines (original report + rejection reason) per message and send the new report to
either postmaster or the actual recipient email address that the report is about.  IMHO
this will provide the information that my users will be looking for in a concise easy
location.  I may even generate the report in HTML format such that my users could click on
a link and go to our web page and see more detailed information as to what each rejection
reason means.

> I've been waiting on enhancement requests, suggestions, or bug fixes to 
> push me in some direction, but so far I've been fence sitting on this.

Would it be possible to redirect the reports to somewhere other than postmaster? 
Specifying a different address would aid in having a script process the reports.  Just a

Grant. . . .

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