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Article: 897
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-04-28 16:37:34 -0400
Subject: Re: Milter-Report strange (?) behavior...

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Taylor, Grant wrote:
> One thing that I did notice is that the report message size was VERY
> close to a 64 k boundary for something somewhere.  I.e. the report
> it's self could be 65520 byes in size, or there abouts.  This made me
> start wondering if there was not a chance that I was filling a 64 k

There is a 64K report size limit per user report. If the next entry 
would exceed that limit then the report to date is sent immediately and 
the next entry starts a new report. So it is possible to get reports 
outside the scheduled report time.

However, there looks to be an issue with there not being enough room to 
allow for headers and the lead in message, which results in truncating 
the last couple of lines of the report.

> I will say that if this is indeed the case I can easily live with out
> the report for postmaster.  I believe that I can accomplish this by
> setting an Access DB entry like "milter-report-To:postmaster@domain
> OK" to prevent milter-report from recording entries for postmaster.

This doesn't work (yet). The -f option and B/W list support behaviour 
has been left undecided since I'm unsure what semantics I want to apply.

> One other point of interest for this issue is the fact that I have
> about 50 different client domains worth of postmaster@ redirecting
> email to postmaster+client-domain@mydomain.tld.  Thus my main
> postmaster account (the one that I'm working with) will receive a LOT
> of junk emails.  In fact I have received 3 reports for postmaster per
> day the last t days when the reports are suppose to go out once per
> day.

If a report gets too large, its sent outside of the planned schedule.

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