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Article: 895
From: Taylor, Grant
Date: 2006-04-28 12:08:46 -0400
Subject: Milter-Report strange (?) behavior...

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I have been testing milter-report for the past few days and seem to have run in to an
issue.  First I have milter report set to send reports once a day in redirect mode so that
Postmaster gets all the reports that milter-report send.  The first morning that I had
milter-report running I did get reports for some of my users.  I figured that I did not
get reports for more of my users because of the short time that milter-report was running
before the report it's self was sent, thus I did not worry.  However I have been watching
milter-report's behavior and the reports that it sends for the past couple of days and I
have not gotten any more reports for any user other than for postmaster.  Even at that the
postmaster report is not complete.  I know this because I'm seeing a report that has the
various lines with sending email addresses and then the last line will stop part way
through the line, thus being an incomplete line.  I.e.:

This is a list of known emails that were not delivered to you for some
reason. If any of the addresses listed below are known to you, please
notify your email adminstrator as to which.

Fri Apr 28 03:25:31 2006 k3S8PQKi016302 <nairasara@websnobs.com> ([]
Fri Apr 28 03:25:40 2006 k3S8PRWK016310 <bounce-ydjjmdwjvxwpw@webswapmeet.net>
(mail3.webswapmeet.net [])
Fri Apr 28 10:50:39 2006 k3SFoW0O002486 <shelenecisn@citizens-tel.net>
([] [])
Fri Apr 28 10:51:13 2006 k3SFpAXU002505 <cyr@aziludect.com> (n47.besmaole.com
Fri Apr 28 10:51:22 2006 k3SFpIDC002517 <R

One thing that I did notice is that the report message size was VERY close to a 64 k
boundary for something somewhere.  I.e. the report it's self could be 65520 byes in size,
or there abouts.  This made me start wondering if there was not a chance that I was
filling a 64 k (65535 byte) buffer for postmaster and in doing so somehow flushing out all
other entries for any other user.  If this is indeed the case I suspect that I am really
pushing older / earlier log entries out the top of the buffer.

I will say that if this is indeed the case I can easily live with out the report for
postmaster.  I believe that I can accomplish this by setting an Access DB entry like
"milter-report-To:postmaster@domain OK" to prevent milter-report from recording
entries for postmaster.

One other point of interest for this issue is the fact that I have about 50 different
client domains worth of postmaster@ redirecting email to
postmaster+client-domain@mydomain.tld.  Thus my main postmaster account (the one that I'm
working with) will receive a LOT of junk emails.  In fact I have received 3 reports for
postmaster per day the last t days when the reports are suppose to go out once per day.

Any help or insight in to this issue would be greatly appreciated.

As alway, GREAT work Anthony!  I have had very good luck with your milters and have
recommended them, including milter-sender / milter-spamc to many of my colleagues.

Grant. . . .

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