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Article: 894
From: Sergey N. Romanov
Date: 2006-04-14 20:14:23 -0400
Subject: milter-cli. Where is problem?

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I have installed latest version of milter-cli and I have problem.

In log file I can see
01:55:39 [16] milter-cli[80964]: 00002 NOQUEUE: host localhost.xxx.net
[] OK
and I can't see lines about that -c and -e scripts are started and no
messages about exit status from these scripts.

With -v all flag I can see that milter-cli searching access.db for
"from", "to" and "spam". But I can't see searching for
"connect". Should
be so?

And I can see lines like

01:44:06 [17] milter-cli[80381]: 00001 k3ENi0gn080409: exit
smfAccessPattern(807b000, a@b.c, (null), 0) rc=95 action='(no action)'
01:44:06 [17] milter-cli[80381]: 00001 k3ENi0gn080409: sender=<a@b.c>
access=? skipConnection=1 skipMessage=1

I have no milter-cli related rules in access.db.
I have only

milter-length-Connect:          128K
milter-limit-From:              100/1d

What should I specify in access.db that milter-cli checked messages?

All works again when I return the old version.


Best regards,
Sergey N. Romanov

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