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Article: 890
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-04-14 07:05:43 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-sender & access db

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Sergey N. Romanov wrote:
> connect:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx     ERROR:"TEXT HERE"

> But after activation of milter-sender we can see only lines like this
> 08:37:59 [16] milter-sender[28946]: 12817 NOQUEUE: reply 550 5.7.1
> connection [] [] rejected

> This is wrong configuration or milter-sender works so really?

milter-sender and all my other milters do not use the text following the 
RHS keyword. This is mainly because of the evolution of the design such 
that the API that looks up access.db entries doesn't provide a means for 
passing this information. Only some of my more recent API additions 
allow for this in special cases. To changing it would impact 17 milters, 
which I'm not inclined to do at this time. It might happen sometime in 
the future when I have the time to go through all the milters to make 
and test those changes.

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