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Article: 884
From: Sergey N. Romanov
Date: 2006-04-14 04:33:36 -0400
Subject: milter-sender & access db

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We have access db with lines like

connect:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx     ERROR:"TEXT HERE"

And when the rule worked we saw messages like

... reject=550 5.0.0 ... IP:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx "TEXT HERE"

in our log.

But after activation of milter-sender we can see only lines like this

08:37:59 [16] milter-sender[28946]: 12817 NOQUEUE: reply 550 5.7.1
connection [] [] rejected

and we can't find lines as earlier. I.e. we don't see reason on which ip
has been rejected. Also sender server don't receive our message and we
should spend much time to find reason if we receive the complaint.

This is wrong configuration or milter-sender works so really?


Best regards,
Sergey N. Romanov

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