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Article: 851
From: Matanya Elchanani
Date: 2006-03-09 14:06:53 -0500
Subject: Re: Request for a (new) milter...

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Derek J. Balling wrote:
>> I know that there are probably better ways to deal with this issue,  
>> though I don't know of any at the moment.  IMHO this seems like it  
>> would be a relatively simple issue.  I'm not asking for the milter  
>> to know the size of the incoming email and to calculate if the mb  
>> will be over limit after the message comes in but rather just check  
>> if the mb is over limit at the start of the message.

There's a milter called "MilterQuota" that can do this for you. You
can find it at http://www.linux4geeks.de/projects.html 

 > If this is a linux platform, you can simply do per-user disk-quotas  
> in the filesystem, and sendmail will honor them, returning a tempfail  
> for over-quota conditions.

Sendmail does not "honor" quotas. Sendmail does not deliver mail and
is not responsible for quota management. Your local delivery agent (Mlocal) will
try to deliver it to the users mailbox. If LDA fails, it will return a fail code
to Sendmail which, in return will fail the transaction. Setting per-user OS level
quotas on mailboxes is usually a bad idea. In many cases the mailbox reaches a hard
quota limit that prevents the user from opening the mailbox via POP/IMAP to clean it up
(the daemons can't even create a lock file on the file system). This causes users to
get locked out of their mailboxes.

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