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Article: 846
From: Grant Taylor
Date: 2006-03-09 03:44:06 -0500
Subject: Re: "... 50 thousands tears I've cried" - Snert Milter

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> milter-sender has a new experimental feature that has been asked for 
> time and again: MxCallBackAsPostmaster. There are more and more RFC 
> clueless sites that choose to block MAIL FROM:<> sometime during the 
> SMTP transaction (not always at MAIL FROM: time). As a result, I've 
> finally conceded to implement the use of an alternative address to be 
> used during the call-back and handle call-back loop detection. I'm not 
> entire pleased with the need for this option, as I believe it will cause 
> more problems than it solves over time, but so far in testing all 
> appears well. Your mileage may vary.

Just a thought...

I agree that the clueless sites that (for what ever reason) reject the Null Reverse Path
"<>" email address should be shot but they do still exist.  However rather
than just starting with ""postmaster you might consider attempting to send the
email from the NRP first and then fall back to the ""postmaster email address if
the NRP was rejected for some reason.  If you did try the NRP first and then fall back to
the ""postmaster address you could easily log the fact that the NRP did not work
thus providing evidence for someone that wanted to parse logs and send a canned email to
postmaster@clueless-domain.tld informing them of their cluelessnes.  I personally would
write a simple shell script that would watch the maillog (tail -F $MAILLOG | fgrep
$NRPWarningString | $B----SmackSomePostmaster) and inform the postmaster of the offending
domain.  Of course you would need to have some sort of history of who you have BSmacked so
you would not do it too often and upset them and thus 
be considered abusing email...  You get the point.

Also I would be tempted to request that you default to postmaster but still provide a way
to change the email address used.  I know that I would be tempted to create an account
just for this purpose (say "milter-sender@..." or the likes) rather than use
postmaster which has it's own special purpose already.

Grant. . . .

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