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Article: 837
From: Taylor, Grant
Date: 2006-02-28 16:37:04 -0500
Subject: Re: milter-sender & milter-ahead design question...

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> Based on a request that is pushing me towards a thought I've had for a 
> long while now, I'm considering dropping from the MX pruning code used 
> in milter-ahead and milter-sender the access.db lookups for blacklisted 
> MX entries. My thinking is that its probably overkill / redundant give 
> all my other tests and just a waste of cycles. This would not affect B/W 
> listing of a connecting MX.
> I would welcome some feedback as to whether this is a feature people 
> think worth keeping in call-back and call-ahead code.
> a) did you know about it?

No, I was not ""aware that the ability to black list for milter-sender /
milter-ahead existed though this does not surprise me.

> b) do you take advantage of it?

No, I don't take advantage of it because I do not have a need for it.

> c) would you miss it?

If I ever did need to black list someone via milter-sender / milter-ahead I would expect
there to be such capability.

> Right now, I'm inclined to disable the code, but leave it in for die hards.

If you are just considering disabling the code for the default configuration / compile bet
leaving it in as a configure / compile time option thing things should be good.  I would
just request that you periodically try the old code to make sure that it works.

> Comments?

If I was wanting to black list someone via milter-sender I would also likely be black
listing the same IP via other methods as well.

Grant. . . .

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