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Article: 832
From: Kevin Kretz
Date: 2006-02-26 11:10:59 -0500
Subject: milter-cli fails, quietly

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I've compiled milter-cli with libmilter from a freshly-compiled
sendmail-8.13.5 on a Solaris 8 machine, with gcc.

The compile and install run without error, but when I try to start it
(manually or with the included example startup script) it dies without
any other indication that it was alive other than the errors in syslog
(smfi_register: version mismatch, smfi_register() failed) which I've
read in another post isn't a problem.

I've tried running it with the config on the command line, and in
/etc/mail/milter-cli.cf (whose format I'm guessing at).

What else can I try to see what's happening?


Kevin Kretz

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