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Article: 827
From: Anke Breeuwsma
Date: 2006-02-20 11:27:38 -0500
Subject: Milter-Spamc: X-Spam-Level

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Hi Anthony,
We're using milter-spamc for a while now. I recently upgraded to version 
1.4. But now we notice that the X-Spam-Level header is gone by default. 
You mentioned it in your changes.txt, I know:

"The behaviour of the -A option has been updated to include the 
X-Spam-Level and X-Spam-Flag headers in addition to the X-Spam-Report. 
When set, these headers are always added to the message. The default 
(unset) behaviour corresponds more to the way SpamAssassin behaves, 
    in which these headers are only added if the message is spam. The 
X-Spam-Status and X-Scanned-By headers are always added."

I want the X-Spam-Level in the headers so our customers can write their 
own mail filtering rules. Some customers want to put all their email 
with 2 X-'s (XX) in a spambox and some want only mail with 10 X's in 
their spambox. When I set the -A option I can get the X-Spam-Level in 
the email headers. I really need it as a default in the mail headers, 
but I don't want de X-Spam-Report in all the messages! The X-Spam-Report 
is to big if the mail isn't spam! We do'nt want to have a smaller report 
if the email is spam.

Is it possible to always have the X-Spam-Level but only the 
X-Spam-Report is the email is spam?


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