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Article: 823
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-02-15 12:46:02 -0500
Subject: Re: 64bit support milter-limit

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Larry A Weidig wrote:
> 	Additionally after running this on the x86 box for almost a day
> we see a number of other suspect messages in the logs which I am hoping
> you might be able to offer some insight into:
> - Feb 15 10:55:00 sendmail[26531]: k1FGNhPR026531: Milter
> (milter-limit): write(Q) returned -1, expected 5: Broken pipe
> Feb 15 10:55:00 sendmail[26531]: k1FGNhPR026531: Milter (milter-limit):
> to error state  

Either the milter died or the T= values in the INPUT_MAIL_FILTER() might 
need tweeking w.r.t. to you server load:


> - Feb 15 10:08:00 sendmail[27411]: k1FG7jht027411: Milter
> (milter-limit): timeout before data read
> Feb 15 10:08:07 sendmail[27411]: k1FG7jht027411: Milter (milter-limit):
> to error state

Sounds like T= are too short.

Also are you using the default values for -g and -t options?

> - Feb 15 08:24:29 milter-limit[9756]: filterClose(): internal error,
> null workspace

Its a bit misleading this particular case. What appears to happen is 
that the connection to aborted and closed before filterOpen() is called 
and so when filterClose() is called, it reports that the workspace is 
missing. I've seen this in some of my other milters and considered 
disabling it in filterClose().

> - Feb 15 08:22:18 milter-limit[9756]: milter-limit: thread_create()
> failed: 12, try again

Now this one I've not seen before and looks like sendmail's libmilter 
can't create a new thread. How many connections are you handling per 
minute? Can you adjust the process thread limit higher?

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