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Article: 816
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-02-11 02:43:40 -0500
Subject: Re: Trying to make milter-ahead fit into our sendmail setup

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Panagiotis Christias wrote:
> We are trying the setup milter-ahead in the three mail gateways. As
> far as we understand the "-m" option would not help us since none of
> the MX recodrs point to the destination mail servers. On the other
> hand, without any option like "-N /etc/mail/milter-ahead-table.db" and
> the appropriate entries we get "... rcpt_host='sub.domain.ntua.gr. is
> not a defined route, skipping" warnings since the {rcpt_host} is not
> in the "[fqdn]" format as milter-ahead expects (see PARSE_MAILER_HOST
> in milter-ahead.c).

If you use -m with mailertable or -N option and you specify a FQDN 
without the [ ] around it:

	example.com	esmtp:host.example.com	

then the MX lookup should resolve to the host's A record with MX 0 as 
defined in RFC 974.

> For the moment we use the "-N /etc/mail/milter-ahead-table.db" option
> and several entries that cover a few major internal mail servers but
> this solution cannot scale and cover any mail server in our campus.

What form does your mail addresses have?


or some such? Or just


> Another thing, milter-ahead seems to look up the sendmail access db
> ("-f" option) for while/blacklisting only when the "-m" option is

This behaviour will probably be dropped in the next release anyways or 
at least some what changed.

> defined. This behaviour is not well defined in the milter's manual and
> caused us a bit of trouble until we consulted the sources.
> Ideally, in our setup we would like the milter to:
> a. use the {rcpt_host} regardless the square brackets being there or not.

-m  Remember RFC 974 says that if no MX can be found for the domain, 
then it falls back on the A record is it exists.

> b. look up the access db in order to whiltelist the incoming mail and
> blacklist the outgoing.

I would have modify the milter with general B/W support common to my 
milters. It can be done and a next release being prepared.

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